• Employee Programs

Employee Programs

At Modus, we believe in cultivating not just professionals but well-rounded leaders who are equipped with the skills necessary for success in today’s dynamic workplace.


Our in-house learning mecca. Each quarter we roll out a variety of classes from industry related topics (revenue management) to broader workplace skills (Microsoft Office) and we always manage to have a little fun too (Whiskey Tasting 101, anyone?).

7 Habits of Highly Effective People By Franklin Covey

Our hub for leadership and organizational skills. After 90 days, every leader is encouraged to join a Covey workshop. The 7 Habits have a significant 360 impact and are crucial to your success as a leader at Modus. You’ll hear us talk about Covey. ALL. THE. TIME.

People &Culture Committee

The two most important aspects of life at Modus. Everyone plays a role in promoting our P+C. With this in mind, we created a People + Culture Committee for leaders across all departments and properties to share ideas and experiences that will help us build and maintain our best-in-class culture.


We support the development of our leaders by connecting them with (you guessed it…) other leaders. The Mentorship Program is a fantastic way to cross-connect within Modus, build relationships with other leaders and most importantly learn.

TakeThe Lead

Our program to develop female leaders at Modus. The group is a safe space–leaders develop relationships, make connections, grow skills and work through issues. Meetings cover a variety of topics and themes, from thoughtful discussions to experiences out in the community.