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    Lifestyle Hotels That Change the Game

Our Vision

We embrace our independence and are obsessed with delivering hospitality experiences that are artful, authentic, personal, and memorable. We combine spirited individuality with proven management expertise.

To consistently be best-in-class in developing and operating lifestyle hotels, by offering guests unique experiences in defined environments that cater to all aspects of a guests’ stay in local, personal, and approachable ways.


Located in diverse cities and neighborhoods, we connect our guests with new experiences by providing wellness, fitness, dining, entertainment and technology options to make each stay unforgettable.


Values are the foundation of our culture. Individually, they’re pretty great. But when our people bring them to life… that’s what makes Modus special.

Employee Testimonials

  • people-centric culture, valuing collaboration and innovation

    Modus fosters a people-centric culture, valuing collaboration and innovation. We prioritize our colleague’s growth, encouraging a forward-thinking approach while emphasizing teamwork and creativity to drive collective success. This is evident not only on a property level, but throughout the entire organization.

    –Samantha Miller
  • I feel that I am always able to use my creativity

    Modus has always had my best interests in mind from helping me develop professionally to supporting me personally. I feel that I am always able to use my creativity and live out my passions in each role I have taken on!

    –Brooke Guillen
  • From the get-go, the team feels like family.

    I felt incredible support from Modus management. From the get-go, the team feels like family. The company lives by its core values and ethos, and it shows. The training process was thorough and I felt well prepared. Modus is a smaller company so there is constant engagement between employees and senior level management. Infinite room for growth and upward mobility, especially with the addition of new properties. Great jump-start to my career and I’m incredibly grateful for my time at Modus.



As an organization, we live up to our core value by serving our colleagues, our guests and our community at large.

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