• Emerging Leaders Program

    Seek a Leadership Role

This immersive leadership development program is geared towards recent college graduates with a degree in Hotel, Tourism or Hospitality Management. You will learn hotel operations and gain crucial leadership skills. Upon completion, you’ll have the opportunity to seek a leadership role at Modus.

Throughout the program, participants will delve deep into the intricate workings of hotel operations, from the front desk to back-of-house management. This immersive approach ensures that you gain a comprehensive understanding of the industry, from the ground up.

You’ll find yourself at the heart of the action, experiencing the daily challenges and triumphs that define the hospitality landscape.

You'll have the opportunity to develop essential competencies:

  • Effective Communication
  • Team Management
  • Decision
  • Problem

Upon successful completion of the program, an exciting prospect awaits you. Modus, recognizing the talent and potential nurtured during this journey, extends the invitation for you to explore leadership roles within the organization

This is where your career takes flight, as you apply the knowledge and skills acquired during the program to real-world scenarios, guiding teams and contributing to the success of Modus and the broader hospitality community..

Your journey starts here, and the possibilities are limitless.

OtherEmployee Programs

We want you to be a better hotelier and a better leader. It serves our guests and it serves your career. So whether it be new tactical skills or new leadership skills, Modus creates opportunities for our colleagues to grow professionally and personally.

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