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One Washington Circle & Circle Bistro, Washington DC - Apply Here




You will make our guests feel as if they are the most important person in the hotel. Because, well, they are. In addition to making sure their hands never touch the door handle, you'll assist with luggage, arrange taxis and car service, and look after their cars. This means you'll treat the cars with the same care as you would your own; dents and dings are a career-ender. Most importantly, you'll be a delightful source of information about the neighborhood. You'll make sure you are an integral part of the stories they tell about their trip.



You can look at it one of two ways. You can say "I check people in and out of the hotel and make sure I get proper payment by using the property management system and following established procedure." Or you can say "I am an ambassador for my city and host to its visitors. I create a warm and welcoming environment for our guests by sharing my knowledge of the area and concerning myself with their well-being."  One can be replaced by an iPad, the other can transform a guests' experience. Guess which one we are looking for.




We want you to make our guests feel like they're coming home to their mom's house every night. Everything is fresh and in its place and they know they're being cared for. Our arriving guests will encounter an impeccably clean, functional, and welcoming room. You've taken note of how your guests like to have their things arranged, what the temperature of the room is, and if they need any refills on amenities. You make sure you leave everything just right. When things are slow, you'll help with deep cleaning projects so the property never feels stale.



Sure, you will be preparing tables, taking orders, and serving plates of deliciousness. But more than that, you'll take your food and beverage expertise and mix thoroughly with your knowledge of the city to give our guests an unforgettable experience.  Since people tend to eat dinner at night, you'll be needed to work flexible schedules including weekends.