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George Washington University Inn & Notti Bianche, Washington DC - Apply Here


BELL ATTENDANT (this is an overnight & evening part-time position)

You will make our guests feel as if they are the most important person in the hotel. Because, well, they are. In addition to making sure their hands never touch the door handle, you'll assist with luggage, arrange taxis and car service, and look after their cars. This means you'll treat the cars with the same care as you would your own; dents and dings are a career-ender. Most importantly, you'll be a delightful source of information about the neighborhood. You'll make sure you are an integral part of the stories they tell about their trip.



Do you like cooking at home for your friends? Good -- you should definitely keep doing that, but you'll need a bit more focus to be a line cook. You'll be preparing dishes in a consistent manner - the same ones many times throughout your shift - by prepping ingredients and assembling dishes according to precise specifications. It's a great stepping stone to a culinary career, but keep in mind kitchens can be hot, stressful, and noisy. You'll be on your feet for long periods of time and must adhere to safety regulations for both food sanitation and the general workplace.



Can you cook? Good. But beyond that, we want you to stretch your leadership muscles. You'll be the Executive Chef's right hand when it comes to running the kitchen and training the team. You'll place orders, watch the budget, and ensure all the food that comes out of the kitchen meets quality standards. You'll make sure the culinary team is scheduled properly, developing their skills, and you'll run a professional shift. (You're not Anthony Boudrain, so don't think you can get away with acting like him.) All safety and healthy requirements will be met on your watch, and if you can communicate in a second language, preferably Spanish… muy bien!