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Hotel Development Partners

The focus of Modus' overall strategy for investment is Urban Value-Add. We have a track record in urban core locations for all the right reasons including high barriers to entry, a great mix of business and leisure travel and the high average daily rates and occupancy. In addition, we focus on value-add because a low basis or discount to full replacement cost protects downside risk while enhancing investor returns on exit.
Value-add come in many forms including the change of use of a building into a hotel, renovating an existing hotel, rebranding and repositioning. Modus has experience with large national brands, soft brands and independent lifestyle hotels within the Modus Collection. Importantly, value-add includes the day to day management that our experienced team brings to each hotel. A successful hotel is much more than a well decorated room. As an owner and partner, we bring each hotel from concept through implementation to profitability.
At Modus, we bring decades of experience buying, renovating, managing and selling hotels through every point in the cycle. Our proven urban value-add strategy has brought financial success to both Modus and our partners. With a daily focus on delivering a unique guest experience compiled with astute sales and marketing and proficient revenue management, we have developed a track record of consistent performance improvement.